2005 National Angora Show

Held on April 9, 2005 in Orland, CA.

Betty Chu's English Angora won the Best In Show, Best Opposite Sex, Best Colored and two white junior classes in the 2005 National Angora Show.  Betty also won the Best English Angora Display and Overall Display in the show.  

Image of image006 (3).jpg
Best In Show
Chu's Ashka, BC8SK
White Senior Doe

Image of 1ct 3.jpg
Best Opposite Sex
Chu's Christopher, BC1CT
Tort Senior Buck
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Best Colored
Chu's Melania, BC9SK
Black Senior Doe

Image of 3ma 1.jpg
Best White Junior Buck - BC3MA

Image of 1ma 1.jpg
Best White Junior Doe - BC1MA

Wool, Skein and Garment Contest is a traditional part of the National Angora Show.  A 50% Angora 50% Mohair sweater made by Betty Chu and her aunt L. Chao won the Best In Show out of 61 entries.    

Image of image012 (2).jpg
Best In Show sweater.   The yarn is spun by Betty Chu.   It's a fine spun two ply yarn with one ply English Angora and one ply kid mohair.   Betty's aunt L. Chao provided the wonderful knitting.  The award is given, more than likely, to the wonderful knitting than the spinning.   The credit goes more to L. Chao.      

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A 100% Angora shawl made by Betty also won the first place in the "100% Large Wearable" class.  The pair of 100% Angora glove made by Betty and her aunt L. Chao were the winner of the "100% Small Wearable" class.  

Image of image008 (2).jpg
A pullover sweater with similar pattern as the Best In Show garment is shown in this photo.  This is a 100% Angora spun and knitted by Betty Chu.  It is, however, not entered in the competition.  The photo is provided here to compare a 100% Angora garment to the 50% Angora 50% Mohair garment above.  

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Last updated on April 15, 2005
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