2004 ARBA National Convention in Providence, RI
November 13-17, 2004

Betty Chu's English Angora rabbits won 5 out of 8 classes plus BOV, BOSV and Best Colored Wool

Image of bc2ln - 4 (2).jpg
Chu's LaNelle BC2LN
Best Colored Senior Doe
Best of Variety
Image of 7ta 2 (2).jpg
Chu's Nathan BC7TA
Best Colored Senior Buck
Best Opposite Sex of Variety

Image of 9sk 4 (2).jpg
Chu's Melania BC9SK
Best Colored Junior Doe

Image of ashka (2).jpg
Chu's Ashka BC8SK
Best White Junior Doe

Image of bc3gl.jpg
      Best White Junior Buck

Image of ashlia 9 (3).jpg
Chu's Ashlia BC1TL
Best Colored Wool

BOB, BOS and Best Wool English Angora were bred out of Betty's stock but shown by two other exhibitors.

Copyright 2004 by Betty Chu. All rights reserved
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